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Content Marketing Support

Is posting to your social media, blog writing and emailing your subscribers the last thing on your mind (and to-do list)?

Yep, I get it!


Running a small business is hard work... especially when all you want to do is to be helping people with your amazing products or services.


I mean, that's why you started your business in the first place.


In fact, I know that many medical and allied health courses barely even touch on the marketing and administrative side of running your own business as a healthpreneur.


That's where I come in.

I offer creative, marketing and tech support to small businesses. The below list is just an example of how I can help. If you have any specific questions, please book a call and we can chat further.



Feeling a bit nervous about someone writing for you?

I understand. As a health professional, your reputation is highly related to the quality of content you put out online. Trust in your professionalism is easily broken by poor grammar, careless claims and unfactual reporting.

This is actually why many of my clients have chosen to work with me. With my professional background as a pharmacist, I have a passion for health education and an understanding of physiology and general scientific process.

I work remotely to help alleviate your stress and overwhelm. When writing on a client's behalf, I ensure that the content is accurate, factual, consistent with your message and easy to understand by your target audience. 

Current and past clients include: naturopath, nutritionist, dentist, speech pathologist, early literacy program, resilience coach, health & fitness coach, child sleep consultant + more. 

If this sounds like the kind of support you need, please get in touch or learn more about my social media management and web design via the buttons below!

Let's see if there's anything else I can take off your to-do list while you're here!
  • Blog writing and research

  • Content writing for social media

  • Content re-purposing (creating multiple pieces of content from an existing blog or video)

  • Email marketing writing and set up in Active Campaign or Mailerlite

  • Creating custom Canva templates

  • Short video editing suitable for social media and youtube

  • Excel spreadsheet troubleshooting or set up

  • PowerPoint and Word templates and mail merge

  • Creating fillable pdf forms

Some of the other tasks I can help you with include:

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