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  • How much do you charge?
    Most of my services are priced as packages. I am happy to discuss package pricing with you via email or after you book a call. As a general rule of thumb, social media packages start from $500/month, simple 5-page website design from $1,000 and blog posts from $250. My hourly rates range from $60 to $100/hr depending on the task.
  • How does hourly-based charging work?
    I track my time using the Toggl app. I charge in increments of 6 mins (0.1hr), with a minimum charge of 30mins per task. Invoices are sent weekly, with terms of 7 days.
  • Do you have any qualifications?
    I believe that my work speaks for itself in terms of my proficiency and efficiency. I am also constantly learning, upskilling and investing in various areas of my business. However, I have also spent many years studying. I have a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Theology, Graduate Diploma in Ministry, Certificate IV in Business Administration, Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing and a Digital Marketing Internship. In addition, my team has a range of qualifications and professional membership as well that enable them to provide excellent service in their areas of expertise as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

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