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Client Testimonials

Simone Pavils, Pinterest and SEO Specialist
Canva Design

Sarah helped me to create a masterclass presentation document for my business on Canva. Sarah was easy to work with and listened to what it was I wanted. The end result was a beautiful presentation that I am proud to show off, and have been able to repurpose over and over again. I would love to work with Sarah again in the future, and would definitely recommend her for similar tasks. Thank you so much Sarah.

Steph Gobraiel, Online Business Manager
Canva Design

Sarah is great to work with and accommodating with any last minute tasks that come up. I would recommend Sarah to anyone as she's great at what she does.

Bag of Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Linda, Naturopath
Admin, Design & Social Media

Sarah is always wonderful to work with - professional, reliable and always to the highest standard. She takes so many tasks off my hands that are not in my ‘zone of genius’ such as assisting with my social media, editing content and various aspects of administration, which frees up my time so I can focus on serving my clients to the best of my ability, and building my business. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing extra help.

Megan, VA Agency
Social Media & Admin

I highly recommend Sarah. She is highly skilled, very creative and extremely efficient. I won't hesitate to use her services again.

Deb, Bookkeeper
Graphic Design & Social Media

Sarah is very talented, helpful and friendly! A real pleasure to do business with. She has been managing my social media posts for my small business and I'm so grateful as it has taken a load off me, allowing me to focus on my main business activity. I haven't looked back!

If you need help with ANY admin or social media tasks (no matter how big or small), definitely contact Sarah! I can only HIGHLY recommend her!

Fancy Camera
Tamara, Photographer
Design Services

Sarah was very creative and so patient with all of my crazy ideas. She is wonderful to work with and delivers a high quality end product. Highly recommend her services.

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