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10 Reasons NOT to Hire a VA

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Virtual Assistants, or "VA"s as we call ourselves, are all the rage right now, helping small businesses boost productivity, gain clients and manage Social media left right and centre.

Everyone seems to be jumping on board, but how do you know if it is right for you?

I mean, my mum always said, "just because everyone's doing something doesn't mean you have to as well."

So, here are 10 totally legitimate reasons why you should NOT hire a VA.

I mean, don't even look at the rest of my website. Don't be fooled by my list of appealing services that just sound like the business equivalent of a holiday at the beach with a refreshing breeze and a glass of your favourite cool beverage.

Just don't OK?

So, here goes, 10 reasons why you should not hire a VA:

  1. You don’t even know what VA stands for. For all you know it could stand for Velour Armchair. Hmmm, well, one of those would be nice and comfy...

  2. You like working long hours. Don't want no VA taking work from your to-do list! No sir!

  3. You love wasting time putting together content, quotes and graphics for social media. All the images... so purrrty......Oh, a cat video!

  4. You don’t even have enough work for yourself to do. (OK, I am actually sorry to hear that).

  5. You’re smashing your to-do list daily – even in advance. You are a super human business person.

  6. You know all there is to know about every aspect of business administration and marketing. You are a super human business person of the amazeballs variety.

  7. VAs are so expensive. Yes, gotta save that money to spend when you get free time again in 10 years time.

  8. You like doing everything yourself, because "if you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself!" Surely a Virtual Assistant who is highly trained and does this for a living couldn't possibly pick it up.

  9. You’d rather spend time on your business than with your people. Yep, some of us are like that.

  10. You’d rather hire a casual administration assistant and do all the recruitment, employment paperwork and payroll for them and risk them finding other more permanent work. Because it's good to do things the way that you've always done them.

Oh, and a bonus one:

11. VAs are weird kinds of people, possibly even robots!

So there you go!​ Did I convince you? (I guess I won't need to let you know that I offer a range of admin, design and social media services all at very reasonable rates).

Drop me a comment.

Let me know what you think.

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