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7 Ways to Get your Social Media on Track for a Merry and Bright Christmas

Less than 2 months until Christmas! Where did this year go?

Calling my fellow small business owners! If the impending silly season has got you stressed like a mum that's burnt Christmas lunch, then listen up. I've got 7 things for you to think about NOW to reduce the Christmas Social Media overwhelm.

1. Theme Time.

Prepare your Christmas theme. Much like decorating a Christmas tree, some people like to just throw all their decorations on and others will go with a neat theme for the decorations. Pick how you want to decorate your feed for Christmas - are you red/gold or glitter pastel or bright hues?

- choose colours

- decide on elements/ general look

2. Holly Hashtags

Research some fresh hashtags for Christmas and/or your ideal customer so you can expand your reach as well.

3. Sift your Stock Photos

Check your stash of business headshots and see if you need to take some with different accessories or backgrounds. Or look at your product shots, do you need to add a Christmas flatlay? Go through your pile of stock images to see if any match your theme for Christmas.

- with your theme in mind, look through the images you have.

- arrange to find or take photos to fill in the gaps

4. Organise your Offers

Think about your Christmas offer/s and ensure that your audience can see your offer at least 6 times (posts, stories, reels, blogs, emails etc.). Posting multiple times across multiple channels, will help your offer to be seen and actioned on.

- make a list

- prepare any graphics/videos/captions

- schedule, schedule, schedule

5. Schedule your Social Media Safety Net

Closely related to point 4 above, take 1-2 hours THIS WEEK to schedule out a minimum of 1-2 posts per week for the rest of the year, this provides a framework that you can add to if you get the inspiration, but will sustain you if you get busy.

- brainstorm your tips, quotes, engagement questions and Christmas countdowns

- prepare any graphics/videos/captions

- schedule, schedule, schedule

6. Activate Announcement Mode

Over the next two months there are several key things you'll want to announce to your followers and potential clients/customers. These may include:

- out of office period

- last dates for Christmas shipping

- sale dates

Go ahead and create your list, and then prepare and schedule the posts.

7. Responsive Replies

If you'll be slowing down your time in the office over the Christmas period, it's a good idea to either create an auto-reply or set up a chatbot for your social media enquiries. Even if you can't reply quickly yourself, you don't want potential clients or customers wondering if you'll ever reply to them.


Pick up a set of Christmas templates from my Canva template store and make post creation a breeze!

As with any busy season, the key is to start early with a good list and take it slow and steady to tick things off!

(or find yourself an awesome VA who can help you stay on track)

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