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Why Blueberry Digital?

Recently I changed my business name from Inspired Admin to Blueberry Digital. One of the questions I was asked was, "Why blueberries, are they your favourite fruit?"

Truth be told, blueberries are not my favourite fruit.

I like blueberries, but they aren't even my favourite berry.

Uh. OK.

I chose the name Blueberry because of what this little berry is:

powerful health benefits in understated packaging.

Since my business is all about supporting small businesses, predominantly in the allied health and wellness industry, the humble, yet mighty, blueberry became the perfect brand ambassador!

Blueberries are such amazing little spheres of goodness.

Here's what makes blueberries so great:

  • yummy and healthy snack

  • high levels of vitamin C, for immunity

  • one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable - studies have shown its beneficial effects on cancer, cognition, cholesterol and blood pressure (see further reading below)

And while I could have called my business, "Superfood Digital", I also quite like the whimsy of berries and the colour blue.

So, there you go!

Blueberry Digital: superfood for your business :)

Further reading:

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