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Are you Posting With Purpose?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Two mistakes businesses commonly make with their socials:

posting with no purpose &

​posting with the wrong purpose.

Are you posting with purpose?

Running social media for your business is different to running your own personal page.

If you don't have a purpose for your business' social media, then you may very well be wasting time and/or money.😲

What do I mean? Well, recently I've come across clients/potential clients making some of the following mistakes in their socials:

👉1. Having no purpose other than because they were told they needed to be on Facebook.

There is a lot of "peer pressure" for businesses to be on socials. Some of this is warranted, but it is simply not right for every business.

The first thing wrong with this is that Facebook might not necessarily be the best place for you to start. You need to consider where your target audience is, where do they go for information about your product/service? You can branch out to other platforms in time, but it is best to start with 1-2 and get yourself established there first.

Also, what is your purpose for being on Facebook? Do you want it to serve as a substitute website or yellow pages listing? Or do you want to increase your business' reach and client base? These two purposes will have different posting strategies.

👉2. Creating posts with too much jargon.

These are posts that make sense to other people who are in your profession, but the "average Joe" has no idea what you're talking about. These posts may get interaction from peers in your professional field, but if they aren't your potential clients then you are missing the mark.

These posts are good for personal pages, but not for your business. Yes, you want to post to show that you know what you're talking about so that people trust you. But, if you leave your potential clients confused all the time, they will soon unfollow you.

If you want to educate your audience, you need to speak/write in a way that they can understand and that moves them forward in their understanding and interest in the topic.

✔Audience Focus

What's missing in both these examples is a focus on your audience/ideal client. When running socials for your business, you are not posting for yourself, you are posting for your audience.

There are heaps of resources online to help you think through characterising your audience/ideal client, have a look into that if you're not familiar with that already.

Some questions I want you to think about are:

1. Where is my audience at currently in terms of how much they know, like and trust me/my message?

2. Where do I want to move them to? What's the next step in their "customer journey"?

3. What types of content can I post to help to move them along?

Let me know if you want to chat further about any of this!

Wishing you a happy & healthy week!

xx Sarah

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