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Sarah's Blog


Welcome to my blog. Here you'll find all kinds of content on marketing and growing your small business, using social media and fun tools like Canva. Make sure to sign up to my newsletter if you don't want to miss my latest blogs as they get released.

If you're after a little inspiration on your small business journey, you can check out my collection of quotes here, or you can follow me on Instagram.

About the author

Sarah is the owner and chief creative strategist at Blueberry Digital. She delights in supporting small service-based businesses to be more visible online, primarily through social media management, web design and Canva assistance. Having previously worked as a pharmacist, she carries with her a passion for health and a penchant for learning new systems. In her limited spare time (she's a mum of 2), you may find her engaging in creative pursuits such as painting or digital drawing, reading to her kids or battling bad guys on the Nintendo Switch.

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