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How understanding your ideal client leads to more sales

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Knock, Knock.. Who's Out There?

When you write content for your business, do you know WHO you're actually talking to?

Knowing who your ideal client is really makes a difference to your content strategy and the way you write your posts.

What kind of info do you need to know?

As much as possible!

When building out your Avatar (a single representation of your ideal client), you want to think of as much detail as possible. Imagine your ideal client as an actual person.

  • Give them a name.

  • What's their age, gender, occupation?

  • What do they like to do, to eat, to watch?

  • What are their current felt needs, stress points?

You can google lots of different checklists to give you questions to think about.

My favourite questions to add when I'm asking clients about their ideal client are:

  • How do they make health decisions? who do they talk to? who do they trust?

  • How do they make purchasing decisions?

  • Where, how and why do they consume their social media content <<<< this is a BIG ONE!

What do you do with this info?

1. Marketing Message

By knowing your ideal client, you're able to target your marketing message to their pain points. You're able to resonate with their interests. You're able to tap into their sense of humour.

2. Writing Style

Your ideal client avatar will inform the language you use, how much technical language you use, the length of posts and how formal/casual your tone is.

3. Social Media Strategy

I often see people ask about whether they should add LinkedIn to their Social Media portfolio, or is Instagram really necessary?

As you think about your ideal client, you can think about whether they are someone who would actually spend time on LinkedIn looking for your service/product. What media do they consume? How do they make purchasing decisions? By answering these questions you can often identify where you need to be focusing most of your efforts.

And let's face it, you've got a business to run, clients to see, people to help - you don't have time to mess about with a million different marketing avenues. You need to be smart with your time and money.

Do you know your client avatar?

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