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Ode to Imperfect Posting

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

When scrolling through our newsfeed, many of us feel the insidious pressure to be perfect. To look perfect. To have the perfect life. To have the perfect health. To make the perfect biscuits. To post the perfect post...

Well, let me break that one up for you.

👉Chasing complete perfection wastes your time, saps your energy and stalls your progress👈

In terms of your social media, you'll get lots more done, and feel better, if you're able to look at things and say "that's great enough!"

For example, when you are writing or designing posts, there's the tendency to keep on wanting to tweak this or that. But if you keep tweaking, you'll never end up posting.

Obviously I'm not advocating poor grammar and hastily designed graphics! You do need to be able to know when you've done work that you can be proud of, work that is great.

💐Please give yourself a break though. I hear many people say that they spend hours fussing over their design or captions. They want them to be perfect. Let me remind you though, it's totally OK if it's not perfect. And if someone "helpfully" tells you that you made a mistake somewhere, you thank them, learn and grow for next time.

So, here's my Ode to Imperfection: my imperfect ANZAC biscuits on a day when perfectly baked ANZAC biscuits are filling my newsfeed.

How do you embrace the imperfect?

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