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Website Mini Redesign Process (Wix)

I've really been enjoying helping Wix website owners with small redesigns lately. It's actually pretty amazing how a couple of hours of work on a website can really transform the look, feel and useability of a site.

These are the kinds of things I've been doing for my clients

  • fix alignment issues with text, columns, images etc.

  • find hidden elements that are making pages look weird

  • re-order the page menu and submenus for ease of use

  • add coloured strips/boxes/buttons

  • organise consistent typography across the site

  • add a booking calendar, email opt in or pop up notice (lightbox)

  • update the theme generally across the site

  • select and update images to reflect your business style

  • fix up mobile view issues

  • set up or tidy up a digital download shop

  • add videos from your youtube channel

  • basic SEO

  • + more (just ask!)

The Process

Once you get in touch and decide to work with me, this is the general process we will follow:

1. Work out what you'd like done

  • You can send me an email with details, or a quick loom video.

  • Then we do a free 15min zoom call to ensure I understand what you're after. Longer (paid) calls can also be arranged for more complex cases.

  • I'll then write a list of updates and give a time estimate.

2. Admin stuff

  • I send you my web design contract to sign. This keeps us both safe and enjoying a good working relationship.

  • I send out an initial invoice for the first 2 hours (paid up front, prior to work starting)

  • You add me as an editor on your Wix site.

  • You specify if you want the changes to be published live or if you'd like the changes kept in draft form until approved (this requires you to login to your Wix backend to view the changes)

3. Website work

  • I start working on the updates as agreed upon.

  • I send you email updates to let you know where things are at and if I need any further design approval.

  • Just prior to the 2 hours of work mark, I send an email to let you know what's been done and if anything is yet to be done. You can then decide if you'd like me to do more work or tidy up the last few things.

4. Completion

  • After completion you can remove my site access, or keep me there in case you need help in the future.

Hope this helps!

Looking forward to working with you.

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